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Fragrant Thoughts

An inside look at the world of fragrance

The (lost) Art of Smelling

We live in a world of stimulation overload.  Buzzing, beeping, chirping, chattering, flashing, blinking -we are constantly bombarded by sights and sounds that divert our attention through a sea of stimulus at an ever increasing pace.
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Flavors... In Fragrance

Join us as we take an inside look at the use of flavor concepts in fine fragrance throughout modern perfume launches.  
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Ingredient Spotlight: Muguet

Muguet, or lily of the valley, is one of the most beloved smells in fragrance.  Sadly, the delicate, fleeting blooms of this flower cannot be used for extraction.
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The Smell of Clean: Laundry

We all love the smell of clean clothes, fresh sheets and a warm towel right out of the dryer but few people know how these scents are engineered.
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What Is Natural Fragrance?

In fragrance, the term 'natural' is extremely vague and the exact meaning can vary widely since there is no single, standard definition.  
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Types of Perfumery

In the fragrance industry, the universe is clearly divided into two distinct worlds and they are quite different in terms of purpose and approach.
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