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We do!  Cécile is a professional (French) perfumer who started her career in Paris and New York creating fine fragrances for luxury brands before continuing on to consumer products.  This unique ability to span ALL categories of perfumery is as rare as it is difficult to achieve, making her an expert in every aspect of fragrance creation. In 2020, Cécile was honored as a Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame Finalist.

1. we use high-quality ingredients and 2. we minimize the use of solvents and fillers.

Quality ingredients cost more, and we prefer to use the best materials possible so we can make the best smelling/performing oils. To give you a point of reference, our most expensive ingredient costs over $80k per KG (more than gold).

A lot of companies 'cut' oils with cheap fillers and solvents (that have no smell) to reduce the overall cost of the fragrance, kind of like watering down a soup. We only use solvents if needed for performance or regulatory issues. This means our oils are more concentrated, reducing the amount of oil required for production :-)

No.  All of our oils are propriety blends designed exclusively by us.

Yes!  The fee for formula modification depends on the complexity of the changes required.  Please contact us if you require any customization and we will discuss your needs in more detail.  If you really need something special, we'd recommend you visit BESPOKE FRAGRANCE and submit an  inquiry.


We work exclusively with a family-owned manufacturer based in Grasse, France.  They are the largest fragrance manufacturer in France and the fourth largest in the world, bringing world-class quality, capability and consistency to our oil production.

Most of our oils are produced and shipped from NJ.  We also have global production capability if needed, subject to volume requirements. 

Our quality control is some of the strictest in the industry, ensuring exact matches for ingredients and final blends. 

All of our ingredients and formulations comply with IFRA international guidelines, including the new 49th Amendment criteria.  Our integrated system is updated in real-time to any global changes in safety and regulatory requirements, making sure all formulas produced meet current standards.

The best place for fragrance is in product!  But if you must store oil, typical shelf life is ~1 year, but can vary depending on the conditions of storage.  We recommend using the smallest container possible to reduce headspace, stored in a temperature and light controlled environment.


Typical lead time is two weeks from receiving your order, and can be up to six weeks depending on material availability. 

All oils are shipped via FedEx, we offer complimentary shipping on all bulk orders.

Smelling samples are paper blotters that are pre-scented with our oils so you can experience each fragrance before buying.