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We are a husband/wife team with over 20 years in the professional fragrance industry creating custom formulations for some of the most prestigious brands and companies in the world.

We started Stock Fragrance for brands/start-ups that aren't yet ready to commit to custom development but still want access to professional, high-quality fragrance oils. 

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Have questions or need help finding the right fragrance for your product/brand?  We respond to every inquiry personally and there the fastest way to get a response is to fill out the form here.  If that just won't do, you can also send us an email or give us a call at 347-989-4511

Please include as many details as possible!

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fragrant thoughts

purple iris flower against black background

Ingredient Spotlight: Iris

Iris materials in perfumery come entirely from the roots of the plant, a process that takes 7 YEARS to complete.  Yes, 7 years.  
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close up of fragrance oil bottles in a row on wooden shelf

What is IFRA?

All of our fragrance oils are IFRA 49th Amendment compliant.  What does that mean and why is it important?!? 
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Citrus, Citrus Everywhere

Citrus, Citrus Everywhere

In the fragrance world, especially naturals, citrus is typically the 'low-hanging fruit' (pardon the pun).  Here's why.
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The (lost) Art of Smelling

The (lost) Art of Smelling

We are constantly bombarded by sights and sounds that divert our attention through a sea of stimulus at an ever increasing pace.
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