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                        brown perfume bottle and blotters with cecile in background
Made to Order Fragrance Oil

Private Stock Fragrance

PRIVATE STOCK is our exclusive fragrance design and customization service.  Using any fragrance (or fragrances) from our current collection as a starting point, we will create a new, customized formula based on your olfactive ideas, intended use and desired oil budget.  Once approved the oil will be available exclusively to you and can be ordered anytime. Pricing is per fragrance. 

In addition to creating a new, unique oil that is exclusively yours, PRIVATE STOCK can also be used to
  • Combine olfactive profiles 
  • Modify flashpoints 
  • Customize IFRA max for your products/categories
  • Enhance performance for specific product forms such as laundry, candle (hot and cold throw) and reed diffuser compliance
  • Cost reductions 

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