How to Store Fragrance Oils

close up of stock fragrance aluminum fragrance oil bottles
All fragrances will oxidize and change over time, just like wine. So what does this mean? While the oils typically won't go 'bad', you might notice changes in olfactive character and/or color (especially natural and plant-based oils). How much and what is acceptable is entirely up to you.
To minimize oxidation of your oils during storage, we recommend keeping oils away from light and in a temperature-controlled environment. We also recommend storing oils in the smallest container possible to create less 'headspace' or air in the container. This will help reduce oxidation in the bottle (even if the lid remains closed).
Our professional, food-grade aluminum bottles already offer some of the best protection possible for the transport and storage of our fragrance oils:
- Made in France by a company founded in 1833
- Seamless structure with tamper evident closure, PE plug and smooth neck rim for precise pouring
- Made of pure aluminum - shock, tear and puncture resistant
-100% protection against light (UV), oxygen and moisture
- 100% recyclable
- UN approved for aroma chemical transport
Standard shelf life for all oils is listed as 1 year but many last much, much longer.
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