12 Common Candle Challenges

candles in production with wick holders

Below is a list of 12 common candle challenges and where they come from:

  1. Frosting - uncontrolled recrystallization of triglycerides into an undesirable crystal form
  2. Syneresis - Droplet/pooling of fragrance from the wax
  3. Inconsistent burn (multi-wick) - each wick in a multi-wick system acts as its own energy source and does not combine
  4. Low flames - small flames from undersized wick, not enough fuel to sustain combustion process
  5. High flames - enlarged flames from oversized wick, too much fuel being drawn up the wick
  6. Mushrooming - partially reduced was molecules accumulate on the wick.  Not enough oxygen or too much fuel.
  7. Tunneling - Lack of energy/heat to melt was completely, usually caused by undersized wick
  8. Dirty wick pool - brown film resulting from fragrance incompatibility with wax
  9. Clogged wick - build up of thick or incompatible materials in the wick
  10. Curled wick - may cause wick drowning or large, wide unsafe flames
  11. Sooting/Smoking - Incomplete combustion, usually due to oversized wick, fragrance incompatability, or too much fragrance.  Too much fuel that cannot be broken down.
  12. Flashover - Secondary ignition of the wax pool caused by higher wick pool temperatures and lower fragrance flashpoints.  

Need help or have questions about getting the right burn performance in your candles?  Let us know!

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