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Fragrance Oil

Banana Flower

This does not smell like banana! Our focus here is the salty, tropical banana flower, not the fruit. Vacation in a bottle - perfect for sun care products!

Olfactive Description: Beach vibes at sunset. Floral marine and tropical green core with an addictive, 'come closer' hook.

Key notes: Banana Blossom, Sea Stone, Coconut Moss, Fleur de Sel

  • We minimize the use of solvents and carriers in all of our formulations, reducing the amount of oil needed for production. 

    Please click here for IFRA 49th Amendment Guidelines

    • Flashpoint:  170.1°F
    • Vanillin Content:  0.0%
    • Country of Manufacture:  USA
    • Appearance:  Orange to very light yellow liquid
    • We do not restrict ingredients because of color, so some of our oils have natural tint.  In addition, we do not use BHT, a common UV stabilizer, in any of our formulations.  BHT is a known endocrine disrupter and is currently banned in the EU, Australia, Canada and Japan, but not in the US!  As such, some of our oils might darken over time - this is totally normal and natural and will NOT affect the character or performance of the fragrance.
    • We DO NOT use Lilial in any of our formulations
     IFRA CategoryDescriptionMax Dosage
    1Lip products and children toys4.1%
    2Axillae products3.89%
    3Face & Body using finger tips2.6%
    4Fine fragrance products40.0%
    5ABody lotions18.99%
    5BFace moisturizers5.13%
    5CHand creams5.13%
    5DBaby creams, oils, talcs 1.73%
    6Oral care products with lip exposure930 ppm
    7AHair treatments (rinse off)5.13%
    7BHair products (leave on)5.13%
    8Ano-genital exposure products1.73%
    9Rinse off products (body and hand)10.0%
    10AHousehold care products10.0%
    10BAerosol/Spray air fresheners25.0%
    11Inert products (minimal transfer)1.73%
    12Candles, plug-ins, diffusers, car100.0%
  • Not recommended for cold process

    Cold process testing done by @elysianacres at temperatures between 75-85 °F, brought batter to emulsification before hand-stirring in fragrance, using 10% Castor Oil, 20% Coconut Oil, 35% Olive OIl Pomace, 35% Lard, Distilled water Lye solution at 33%, 5% Superfat